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Everything for your new or existing waterbed. Waterbeds are one of the best surfaces for sleeping on. Great for aching joints, bones and muscles. Flotation waterbed mattresses provide an evenly distributed sleeping surface that lets you relax and sleep deeply.

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“The Rise and Fall of Waterbed Trends

The current upswing trend in waterbed sales may be directly related to the increasing number of baby boomers in our society today.

The rise and fall of the first waterbed trend occurred back in the early 1870’s when Neil Arnot designed the first waterbed to the western world that would be used by Sir James Paget to treat patients of bedsores at St. Bartholomew’s hospital. Paget believed that water mattresses provided even mattress pressure distribution across the body. Unfortunately the invention lacked the ability to regulate the water temperature. Ten years later the design would be patented again, this time by Dr. William Hooper of Portsmouth England. Dr. Hooper also believed in the medicinal benefits of sleeping on a water mattress and hoped to use it on patients suffering from arthritis and rheumatism. As with Paget, Hooper’s dreams were also short-lived since his invention also lacked the ability to regulate the temperature of the water

By the late 1890’s, waterbeds were sold via mail order by Harrod’s in Britian. They looked like very large hot water bottles and were probably very similar to them. Unfortunately, production was eventually halted due to the lack of suitable materials, causing a significant decline in the waterbed trend.  That would all change with the invention of vinyl in the 1960’s, when the waterbed would once again gain popularity.

In 1968, Charles Hall, a design student at San Francisco State University in California, tried to invent the perfect chair. After stuffing his chair design with everything from jell-o to cornstarch, his many failed attempts lead to his developing a bed which would be much easier to fill and reproduce. His first waterbed mattress, known as ‘the Pleasure Pit’ gained popularity very quickly with the hippie culture of the 1960’s and 1970’s.  By 1987, waterbeds trends were on a fast incline, having achieved full-fledged fad status and representing over 22 percent of all U.S. mattress sales.

Today, waterbeds have come a long way. The variety of bed designs, improved thermo and wave motion controls, and other options like lumbar supports, make it the most versatile of all beds on the market. The hybrid or soft sided water mattress has also gained huge popularity, since it looks like a regular mattress, with the difference being that it contains the added advantage of a water core, allowing you to regulate the temperature of your bed, with your choice of different motion or wave control levels, firmness, and optional lumbar back support.

With the well known, documented medicinal benefits that sleeping on a waterbed offers; particularly to anyone suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, or other body ailments, and the ability to control the flow, softness / firmness, and support with the type of waterbed mattress, water beds are being sought more than ever before from our aging baby boomer population. Add to that the thermal control options available and the convenience of shipping options now available and you see waterbeds trends expanding to regions across the world, with the highest trends being seen in the more extreme of climates – both the hotter and colder regions of the country.


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