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Tight Top 6″ Fill

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Single 39×72″  $1495

Double/Full 54×72″   $1639

Queen 60×80″   $1795.

King 78×80″   $1995.


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6″ Non-Pillow Top Hybrid Waterbed

Tight Top complete 6″ foam side wall depth hybrid waterbed package includes high quality thick premium top fabric with luxurious feel. Zippered portion of top cover is removable. Dark charcoal side fabric.

Complete Hybrid Waterbed Includes:

  • Zippered, removable, non pillow-top cover
  • 6″ foam sidewalls and safety liner
  • Solid state Canadian Standard Association approved waterbed heater
  • Upholstered platform base foundation
  • Includes 85% motion reduced mattress for a totally comfortable sleep, or change to dual 2 pc mattress or individual tubes to isolate movement.

Made In Canada

Zipper Off Top

Solid and Sturdy- Upholstered Floating Pedestal Base

What is the Difference With Waterbed Mattress Motion?

Today’s waterbeds use resin bonded fiber layers to change the amount of motion and firmness you will experience while laying or sleeping on a waterbed. It’s simply the amount of movement that is controlled by the amount of wave reduction fiber. More motionless waterbed mattresses use more fiber and and can have additional layers of fiber or foam placed where the back and lumbar region would naturally alighn while on the mattress. These more motionless waterbeds can therefore be subtly firmer, are easier to move around within, and will further reduce cross motion movement.

Dual mattresses (2pc mattress) allows for some control in feeling by variably filling each side to slightly different levels if desired. Dual system waterbeds also include a thermal divider, which allows the addition of another heater (a heater for each side) which allows temperature control for each side of the bed. Reduces cross bed water movement transfer, for multiple sleepers.

Tube mattresses have a 2″ foam riser to create a 4″ depth. A set of individual tubes are placed inside (lengthwise head to foot) You will still experience all the benefits of a waterbed when sleeping. Features of tube beds include, removable individual tubes, for easier bed moves and the elimination of cross bed water movement transfer, for multiple sleepers.

Best Sleep Ever supplies complete waterbeds, waterbed parts and supplies, We ship to all Canadian provinces. Our online catalogue of waterbed products  includes everything you need for your waterbed including:  complete waterbeds and component parts, waterbed accessories, waterbed heaters, waterbed replacement mattresses and water bed linens.

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