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Waterbed Heaters

One of the many advantages of owing a waterbed is the convenience and added comfort of a heated mattress.

Whether you suffer from a physical condition like arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic back pain or other medical condition requiring warmth, or you just like to snuggle into a warm bed at night, we have the perfect heater to compliment your waterbed. Waterbeds Canada carries only top quality waterbed heaters that are safe, simple to use and long lasting.  Waterbeds Heaters from Waterbeds Canada are listed below. Click on an image below for more information on our waterbed heaters.

Heater for Hardsided

Heater for Hardsided Waterbeds

For wood frame waterbeds also referred to as “Hardsided Waterbeds”

Heater for Softsided Waterbeds

For foam siderail waterbeds also refererd to as “Hybrid” or “Softsided Waterbeds”

Best Sleep Ever

Waterbed Trends supplies complete waterbeds, waterbed parts and supplies, We ship to all Canadian provinces. Our online catalogue of waterbed products  includes everything you need for your waterbed including:  complete waterbeds and component parts, waterbed accessories, waterbed heaters, waterbed replacement mattresses and water bed linens.

Fast, friendly down-to-earth customer service, we’ll make your purchase with us a fast, simple and secure online shopping experience!