Waterbed Kit Specials

Complete Waterbed Maintenance Kit

specialkit1Total Care Waterbed kit

Includes everything needed to maintain, drain or fill your waterbed with ease. Fill and drain kit with faucet adapter fits most inside or outside threaded faucets, valve adapter for the valve of the waterbed and a common garden hose and siphon pump to create a siphon,  reusable patch kit, 2 8oz. bottles of premium sterling waterbed conditioner with bubble eliminator (lasts up to 2 years), pump spray vinyl cleaner and a “no mess” waterbed air extractor.


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Waterbed Conditioner Kit

ConditionerKit2Waterbed Conditioner kit

Take care of the inside and outside of your waterbed with this kit that includes three 8oz. bottles of premium Sterling waterbed conditioner (lasts up to 3 years) with bubble eliminator and an 8oz  spray pump vinyl cleaner.


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